Wavy & Curly Hair: If you have wavy or curly textured wig and plan to wear the hair wavy or curly you need to apply a curl defining/curl control cream while the hair is wet. This way it will stop the hair from frizzing and lock in the wave or curl in the hair. 


  Styling Tools: It's very important to use a wide tooth or paddle back brush using gentle strokes, when washing and or styling the hair. Small tooth and retail combs can snag the hair which can cause unwanted shedding.


Heat Tools: when styling hair its absolutely necessary to ALWAYS USE HEAT PROTECTION. If you don't it can damage your hair instantly, especially if you are using heat on a coloured unit. Putting heat on a coloured unit with out protection can instantly strip the hair colour.


 Before Going to Bed: Gently brush hair to remove all tangles. Tie a head scarf around your frontal hairline, braid your hair into a couple of big braids, wrap your hair, or tie your hair into a ponytail or bun. Sleeping in a satin scarf/bonnet is very beneficial.


 Washing Your Hair: Keeping your unit clean is very important to making them last longer.

Use Coconut oil as a 'PrePoo' add water to hair and detangle (always detangle curly hair wet).

Fill a shallow bath/large bowl or sink with lukewarm water (cool water for curly hair) then add shampoo to the water only, try and use a good moisturising detangling no sulfate shampoo (afro Caribbean brands work best). 

Gently wash hair in the bath/bowl/sink taking your time to detangle (Do Not Scrub or wash aggressively). Pay attention to how you hold the hair while washing as you could cause unwanted knotting.

Once clean distribute conditioner evenly throughout the hair.

Always wash hair laying flat in a going in a downward motion.
After washing and deep conditioning your hair, apply a good leave -in conditioning product, this always helps to keep your hair super soft and moist.

Wash hair with shampoo every two - three weeks in between co-wash only (wash with conditioner) once a week max.


Most Importantly Have Fun In Your HPL Unit, Because You Deserve It!